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Introducing Continuous Integration/Continues Delivery (CI/CD)

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Basic skills for testers in Continuous Integration.

Almost every organization today uses Continuous Integration (CI). Tools like Jenkins, Bamboo or CircleCI are the rule rather than the exception. Developers use Continuous Integration so they need fewer manual steps to compile their code. Automating steps within the development process leads to faster feedback on their work. Testers will have to keep up with this development. It is necessary to understand what happens in CI and how it affects the testing profession. Consider understanding which tests are being run at which level. A good understanding of CI allows testers to work more efficiently. In addition, testers also increasingly need to work with Continuous Integration tooling to run tests automatically, for example.

In short, CI ensures that all changes to the software are continuously brought together and the whole is evaluated. After changing a section of code, this change is put into a version management system. After this is done, compilation of the entire solution, running (unit) tests and an initial quality assessment is performed automatically. This provides continuous integration of the software with corresponding feedback on whether it is still of sufficient quality.

Participants will be introduced to the world of Continuous Integration in this one-day training through a mix of theory and practice. The tool we use in this training is Jenkins. A brief introduction to the topic of Continuous Delivery (CD) will be given at the end of the training.

Introducing Continues Integration-Continues Delivery (CI-CD).


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Topics covered during this training are:

The test pyramid

Version Management

Continuous Integration tooling

Jobs and pipelines


Continuous Delivery

Who is this training for?

The target audience for this course consists of test professionals who have little or no experience with Continuous Integration. Prior knowledge is not required.

What to expect.

Gain insight into what happens in Continuous Integration and how it affects the testing profession

Participants learn which tests are administered at which level.

The tool we use in this training is Jenkins

Through a mix of theory and practice, participants are introduced to the world of Continuous Integration


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