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End to End (E2E) Testing.

  • Multi-day training

    Location: Amersfoort and online

    Language: Dutch

    07 October 2024 , 08 October 2024

E2E Testing: testing across the boundaries of systems and organizations

Systems are becoming more complex, are becoming more interconnected, and automation is increasingly permeating everyday life and processes inside and outside organizations. Agile development, SOA, Cloud and outsourcing, moreover, only make testing the consistency of systems more complex and critical.

Interface and integration testing between systems is already well established. But this does not fully cover important risks in the connection between processes, actual usage and the systems. End to End (E2E) testing, assessing the consistency between the entire system landscape and the final processes, should cover those risks.

E2E Testing is different from system testing or even system integration testing.

  • For an E2E test, there is often no clear and complete test base available and E2E testers must identify the relationship between processes and the system landscape on their own
  • When designing test cases, traditional testing techniques are inadequate
  • The E2E test team consists of E2E testers, but it also includes experienced users, administrators and designers
  • Traditional planning techniques are unsuitable for an E2E test: there are too many variables

Prior Knowledge

Experience in the testing profession.

This two-day training goes into detail on these and other aspects of E2E testing. Here, the E2E testing approach developed by Polteq is the starting point. Using realistic cases (possibly provided by the trainees themselves), the most important activities are practiced.

End to End Testing


07 October 2024 , 08 October 2024 Amersfoort and online

This training is given in English

The investment for participation in this training is €1,145 per person, excluding VAT.

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Topics covered during this training are:

E2E testing vs. chain testing

How to set up an E2E test

What risks do you cover with an E2E test

How to organize an E2E test

Who is this training for?

The training is designed for anyone who is involved in testing complex, system and organizational processes. Training participants are expected to have experience in the testing profession.

What to expect.

The training covers key aspects of E2E testing, including testers, test basics, test case design and planning techniques

The E2E testing approach developed by Polteq is the starting point for the training course


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