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5 June 2024


DATE: October 24, 2024
LOCATION: Martini Plaza Groningen

NoorderTest is the Software Testing event of the Northern Netherlands, org...

1 June 2024

TestNet – Autumn Event 2024

Polteq is also attending this year’s Autumn Event.
This will take place on Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2024, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

3 April 2024

Retraining to become an all-round Software Tester within just 5 weeks? You can!

Apply (employee) for our Traineeship and take that first step toward a promising future.

1 March 2024

Polteq open Webinar

The free webinar “How to change Usability from a law enforced cost item into a Value-Added Asset?” will take place on Thursday, May ...