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Exploratory testing using the Goal Focus Approach methodology

  • Multi-day training

    Location: Amersfoort

    Language: Dutch

    29 August 2024 , 30 August 2024

  • Multi-day training

    Location: Amersfoort and online

    Language: Dutch

    13 November 2024 , 14 November 2024

Polteq has developed the GFA methodology that supports and strengthens this creative process.

In testing today, the focus is increasingly entirely on test automation. This ignores the limitations of test automation. Indeed, automated tests are only capable of controlling expected behavior. However, with software products of any complexity, there is a high probability of unintended and erroneous behavior that is difficult to predict! With only automated testing, chances are we will miss this undesirable behavior because we don’t look for it because we don’t expect it! A consequence of this is that important and “unexpected” bugs are only found in production!

Really good testing happens when, in addition to automated testing, you creatively/exploratively explore and challenge the product with human ingenuity. In doing so, you look not only at whether the product does what it is supposed to do, but also whether it exhibits unexpected behavior and whether it is robust. By skillfully exploring the product, you can really get to know the product and also discover behaviors, which could be very undesirable in production! With exploratory testing, you additionally feed test automation with important, new test ideas for sound regression testing. This makes you of much greater value to your team.

This is the realm of the creative, human tester, this is the realm of Exploratory Testing! Polteq has developed the Goal Focus Approach methodology that supports and enhances this creative process.

In this training, you’ll learn interactively what you didn’t already know about exploratory testing. In addition to theory, you will also train the skills for professional exploratory testing through extensive practical exercises on a real product!

Make Exploratory Testing more effective and fun, use your own ingenuity, strengthen your creativity in testing and thereby boost the quality of testing in your team and organization!

Exploratory testing training comes in one- two- and three-day formats with multiple content variations. If you do not know which variant suits you best, please contact us.

29 August 2024 , 30 August 2024 Amersfoort

This training is given in English

13 November 2024 , 14 November 2024 Amersfoort and online

This training is given in English

The cost to participate in this training is from €1,145 for a two-day training per person, excluding VAT.

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Topics covered during this training are:

Generate test ideas using the Goal-Focus-Approach approach and set up test charters

Use of heuristics

Efficient reporting of test results

Who is this training for?

  • For entry-level and experienced testers working in Agile teams
  • Test automation practitioners looking to improve the coverage of their tests
  • Product owners and scrum masters who want greater insight into quality assurance and acceptance
  • Test coordinators and test managers who want to improve their testing strategy

What to expect.

You will learn practically applicable theory and immediately train it in extensive exercises with a challenging Lego Mindstorms product

You learn to use your creative right brain in testing making testing better and also more fun

After the training you will be able to explain to skeptics of exploratory testing the difference between professional exploratory testing and monkey/JanBoerenF whistle testing

Application of structured testing techniques in the preparation of an exploratory test (3-day version)


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