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Context Driven Test Improvement

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Classic Test Process Improvement models no longer fit directly into most modern organizations. A more flexible approach to test improvement is needed.

Along with the emergence of solutions such as Web technology, cloud computing and mobile applications, the development, testing and management of systems is also undergoing significant change. Methodologies such as Agile/scrum, continuous integration/delivery, DevOps and Context Driven Testing are now often the norm. Effective test automation is essential in this regard.

The TI4 approach and Context Driven Test Improvement provide a way to select and continuously apply the most appropriate approach tailored to the specific IT context. Sometimes an existing model such as TPI® Next, TI4Agile or TI4Automation can be applied directly. In other cases, a combination of different models and heuristics for test improvement is more appropriate.

In this one-day training, after a brief introduction to the most popular models of test improvement, the process of selection, assessment and especially the actual implementation of improvements is covered. Practical application is obviously paramount.


Prior knowledge of test improvement models is not necessary.

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The investment to participate in this training is €625, – ex. BTW.

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Topics covered during this training are:

Who is this training for?

The training is designed for professionals who are working on optimizing their software development processes and are looking for tools to do so. These can be test managers, test coordinators, test consultants, testers, SPI consultants, QA managers and IT managers, but so can testers, developers, designers and product owners. In fact, anyone who has or will have anything to do with testing within the organization.

What to expect.

Introducing the most popular test enhancement models.

The process of selection, assessment and especially the actual implementation of test improvements are covered. Practical application is paramount.


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