About us

About us

Polteq. Premium software quality

Polteq testing software. We are the very best at that, for more than 20 years. As an anchor within dozens of Agile and DevOps teams, we guarantee the quality of your software. From Performance to Process Test. From Advice to Acceptance.

We test where software touches your critical processes. Where it hurts, if things were to go wrong. Our test experts oversee the entire complex process of software development. This allows us to quickly fathom where the biggest risks are specifically for you. Good testing is customized. Even Automated Testing never goes on autopilot.

Professionals work at Polteq. Only highly trained, accredited testing professionals. We know that for sure, because we train the entire test market ourselves. Our colleagues, our customers, even our competitors. This is how our testing professionals lift your software to the very highest level, because that’s what it’s all about.

Software development is people work. And making mistakes is human. Finding, eliminating and preventing these is Polteq. This ensures maximum quality and optimal user experience. And become happy with software.

Premium software quality

You seek assurance that your software works. We get that. As software testers, we master all areas of expertise within our field. With our local branches, eight in all. For our customers and our employees, this way we are always close by.

We love our craft. Combining quality and fun to move your business forward: that’s what we stand for. And you should expect the same from us. We provide insight into risk, create confidence in quality and prevent errors.

Polteq was at the forefront of the testing profession. Pioneers we are. That drive for continuous learning is always present at Polteq. We are at the forefront of developing new testing services, methods and tools. We know what testing was, what it is and what it will be!


Polteq supports you with:

Providing highly qualified test professionals at every level and in every context (Mobile, Performance, Assessment, test strategy, usability...)

The design, execution, direction and optimization of testing and test projects

Implementing and performing technical testing such as test automation, performance, security and mobile testing

Independent advice on all aspects of testing (from organization to personnel, from functional to test tooling)

A wide range of test training courses (both hands-on training and certified training courses from ISTQB, PAQ, IREB, CABA and TDD)

Polteq core values.


Polteq professionals understand what software testing means. And who know that our profession goes beyond testing itself. Through years of experience, testing is in our DNA. We deploy tools where possible, provide customization where needed. We build test strategies, making tests faster, more effective and learning more. Our professionals are happy to provide advice on how to increase the quality of software testing.

Our young professionals follow a comprehensive internal traineeship. Through training, we transfer this skill to colleagues, customers and even competitors.

Continuous learning and improvement

Software changes all the time. What was adequate yesterday is obsolete tomorrow. This requires a way of working that is grafted on continuous learning. Just as our customers are constantly learning within their Agile and DevOps environments. This is how we keep our services at the level of quality our clients expect from us. This is how we improve ourselves and the outcome.


Professionals at Polteq are unique and independent personalities. They do share a passion for the testing profession. And like to work in an informal atmosphere: that suits us and our work. This is why we are organized around 8 branches in the Netherlands and Belgium. Thus, on the one hand, we safeguard our informal character while still benefiting from the economies of scale that a larger organization brings. Because both our clients and our professionals know each other well, we can both get the most out of the collaboration. This is how we create long-term, enjoyable and successful working relationships.

Our services

Polteq provides testing services for all critical software. For Mobile apps and for websites. We run performance tests and we automate repetitive tests for you. We improve your testing processes with Test Improvement (TI) pathways.

We provide high-quality testing capability. Our testing professionals are at your service.

All services


Premium software quality

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