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Polteq testing software. We are the very best at that, for more than 20 years.


Premium software quality

Polteq testing software. We are the very best at that, for more than 20 years. As an anchor within dozens of Agile and DevOps teams, we guarantee the quality of your software. From Performance to Process Test. From Advice to Acceptance.

We test where software touches your critical processes. Where it hurts, if things were to go wrong. Our test experts oversee the entire complex process of software development. This allows us to quickly fathom where the biggest risks are specifically for you. Good testing is customized. Even Automated Testing never goes on autopilot.

Professionals work at Polteq. Only highly trained, accredited testing professionals. We know that for sure, because we train the entire test market ourselves. Our colleagues, our customers, even our competitors. This is how our testing professionals lift your software to the very highest level, because that’s what it’s all about.

Software development is people work. And making mistakes is human. Finding, eliminating and preventing these is Polteq. This ensures maximum quality and optimal user experience. And become happy with software.

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For HEMA, Polteq tested the new mobile app to boost online conversion of loyalty customers. The app needed to communicate with numerous backend applications via a new API.

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How Polteq ensures a flawless experience for more than a million Wie is De Mol? mobile app users. Among other things, we are testing performance and security of this award winning mobil...

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Have all healthcare providers exchange information digitally. Polteq is developing the testing strategy for the new healthcare testing center.

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Working at Polteq

Challenging assignments. Working on the quality of software that the top companies in the Netherlands and Belgium run on. With offices in Amsterdam, Deventer, Eindhoven, Groningen, Rotterdam and Maastricht and Leuven (Belgium), a Polteq office is always near our leading clients and our professionals.

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