Retraining to become an all-round Software Tester within just 5 weeks? You can!



3 April 2024

Discover what you can learn in a short period of time!

Apply (employee) for our Traineeship and take that first step toward a promising future.

The importance of software testers in today’s digital world cannot be underestimated. Testers play a crucial role in determining the quality and applicability of software applications. Software testing is no longer an optional extra: if you want to make a difference in the market, you need to deliver quality more than ever. Therefore, testing is an indispensable link in developing and delivering reliable software.

(Retraining) employees to become software testers is a smart move for organizations that want to ensure the quality and reliability of their software applications. Polteq’s Traineeship offers an effective and efficient way to achieve this.
In just 5 weeks, employees are trained as all-round Automation Testers, and the organization benefits immediately!
Investing in a traineeship is not only an investment in individual employees, but also in the growth and success of the organization as a whole. An investment that pays for itself quickly!

“Fun interactive training that lays a solid foundation for further development.”

Stay up to date on everything going on in the dynamic world of software testing. Visit our news page regularly and always be one step ahead with Polteq!

What will you learn in our Traineeship:

  • Testing in general: what is it, who does it and why do we do it?
  • Translating quality risks into a testing approach
  • Conducting exploratory testing with tools such as testing techniques and Goal Focus Approach
  • Testing according to the standard of ISTQB (Foundation certificate 4.0)
  • Agile testing and DevOps,
  • Working with SQL, XML and HTML
  • Automating with Java
  • Selenium as one of the tools for web-based testing
  • API testing
  • Mobile applications and its specific testing approach

In short, in this training you really enter the world of testing. And we make sure with our experienced trainers that before you go back into your team, you have already done everything in practice.

Good news: the Polteq Traineeship can also be purchased VAT-free, read more about the possibilities here.
Even more good news: registering with multiple participants is possible. Already from 3 participants we offer an interesting discount, email us for more information:

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