12:45 p.m. | Coach House

Heart Wishes

Cindy Bosman

Do you want to get more out of your life? This presentation/workshop is not about prestige. Together we will actively reflect on your deepest desires. By heart desires I do not mean material things as in “you as the owner of a luxury villa with the latest car and a panther as a pet (in the backseat).” No, it’s about the desires in your heart that make you truly happy in life. We discuss facts about human life, share helpful insights, tips and tools, and offer questions and exercises that will give you more insight into your life. In this way, you will discover what you yourself can do to let your heart shine more. Everyone experiences ups and downs; that’s part of life. Learn to recover better in down periods. Discover what makes you happy, and then get to work creating your own happiness from chosen actions through awareness of your heart’s desires.