3:45 p.m. | Room 5

made accessible

Tim Gravemaker

Accessibility is a matter of thinking, but mostly a matter of doing. Before you get started, think about it. What does accessibility mean for different groups? Why integrate it into your development process? And how do you start testing for accessibility? Embrace your own disability when it comes to Accessibility testing and and dive into the experience of operating an app without being able to see or touch your screen. During the workshop, we will address these questions and discuss WCAG legislation. More importantly, you will get to work testing for accessibility yourself. We use the accessibility features on your own cell phone. This workshop is of interest to any tester working with a user interface. After this session, you will have experienced the limitations that apps can have for users of accessibility features. You also have the knowledge to support your team in improving the accessibility of your product.
I won’t give away what we will do, but please bring your own cell phone, laptop (for information), earbuds or headphones, and a keyboard (with USB cable or bluetooth).