3:45 p.m. | Room 4
(plenary hall, stage side)

Leadership Experience:
Will I/can I/may I/am I….
a leader?

Ard Vialle

This workshop is all about experiencing leadership and linking it to underlying leadership elements. In two teams, participants “compete” for the best leadership. The best leader is evidenced by how an individual in one of the teams “best” performs both tasks as leader. Which team has the best leader? In addition to the teams, there is a Leadership Talent Panel that observes participants’ behavior and identifies (potential) leaders. Whether you are part of a team, on the talent panel or leading the workshop, we gain more insight into leadership qualities with and through each other. The workshop is fun, interactive, challenging and exploratory. Go through the cycle and hopefully it will also expand your understanding by providing tools for your own development as a leader.