12:45 p.m. | Room 6

Don’t make me think!

The customer (journey) in focus

René Haayes

With “Dare to Think!” as the theme of the Polteq Conference, I immediately asked myself, “Why should I have to think when I visit an app or website?” On the contrary, I want to be able to find my way without thinking. For this, the devised. Yet during the development process, the customer journey sometimes gets squeezed. Despite countless studies on the best customer journey, things still often go wrong. Steve Krug, a Usability expert, has described the findings of his studies in a fun and well-organized way in his books.

During my presentation, using Steve Krug’s books (such as “Don’t Make Me Think!”) and practical examples as a guide, I want to make it clear that thinking like the customer and for the customer is essential in product development and testing. If the customer walks away, your chance is gone and your product ends up in the trash.