9:45 a.m. | Room 3 & 4

Daring is Kicking

Gerard Boerrigter

Daring is associated with “going through your resistances. This is difficult on the one hand, but very rewarding and almost addictive on the other.

We are in a process of change. We like to take our customers by the hand in how they can ensure premium software quality. This can be done by advising them more and taking more guiding roles with our clients. I think we all need to be bold to step into those desired changes. The desired direction of Polteq will be explained, as well as the necessity that this requires a dose of courage and guts.

I will speak from my own experience about what happened when I showed boldness, and also about what happened when I didn’t. As an additional take-away: how does this work organically? What happens physically when you go through your mental resistances and show courage?