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5.4 Beheerbaarheid - WitV2The essence of manageability is, “How we keep the service and the processes around it in working order.” The success of a service depends partly on the systems that exchange information with the service. That is why the E2E processes, of which the service is part, are taken into account during testing. Manageability is closely related to maintainability and is about the ease with which the service can be modified to (be able to) keep it in production. There may be several reasons to update the service (fixing errors, changes in the environment, new requirements).This book provides a number of guidelines for the test manager in a world that is predominantly controlled by people in administrator roles. As is described in Chapter 3, the distinction between implementation and production is diminishing. In other words, the role of the test manager does not end with a service implemented into production.Manageability is tested using a checklist. In most cases it is about static forms of testing, but a run-through of administration and maintenance procedures in practice or in a simulation is also a possibility. These simulations are useful for the customer as well as for the supplier. A supplier can test whether the agreed-upon incident response times are met.

Manageability checks for documentation are as follows:

  • Is documentation available?
  • Is documentation kept up to date?
  • Are changed versions sent to the correct stakeholders?

Various specifications are part of manageability and are subject to testing. The specifications discussed in this chapter are important from a testing point of view because they form the test basis and provide important information about test environments.


Checklist test measures ’testing for manageability’

  • 5.4.1 Specifications on the supplier side
    • Interface specifications
    • mock serviceSpecifications for customer resources
    • Platform specifications (PaaS)
    • Infrastructure specifications (IaaS)
  • 5.4.2 Specifications on the customer sideInfrastructure specifications (IaaS)
    • System specifications
    • Architecture documentation
    • Business process documentation
    • Business requirements
  • 5.4.3 User documentation
  • 5.4.4 Test environment availability
    • Test environments in IaaS/PaaS
    • Test environments of the SaaS user
  • 5.4.5 Test documentationincidents
    • Customer test documentation
    • Supplier test documentation
  • 5.4.6 Incident management procedure
    • Supplier resolves the incident
    • Customer resolves the incident
    • The incident will not be resolved
  • 5.4.7 Change procedure and version control
  • 5.4.8 Maintainability of software

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