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CRITERION Value/ Range Weighting factor Yes/No and Comments
Do the service and the specific business processes align?
Does the service fit well in the E2E business processes?
Is the service sufficiently adaptable to specific requirements?
Are many configurations needed?
Is customization possible?
Is (a lot of) additional customized software needed?
Are the required platforms supported?
Are the New World of Work and BYOD sufficiently supported?
Is it possible to interface/integrate the service with the other systems?
Are sufficient manuals and/or courses available?
Is the impact on current activities acceptable?
Is a feasible route for migration to the service available?
Are changes in the service announced beforehand?
Are sufficient test facilities available around the service (test environment, test tools, testware, access to infrastructure, etc.)?
Are there sufficient support facilities?
Is it clear how incidents can be reported?
Are incidents resolved fast enough?
Are response times quick enough?
Is the number of possible simultaneous users high enough?
Is bandwidth sufficient?
Is sufficient potential for growth available?
Is the actual use charged correctly?
Are adequate authorization and authentication in place?
Is the physical security of the service locations sufficient?
Is the access for maintenance of the service sufficiently secure?
Is security between customers sufficient?
Are data changes traceable?
Is data storage for the service reliable?
Is deleting data in the service reliable?
Is security of the connection to the service sufficient?
Are security options for the customer sufficient?
Does the supplier have security certificates (for example, SAS 70 type II)?
Is the level of availability for the service sufficient?
Are backup/failover/disaster recovery provisions sufficient?
Legislation and regulations
Does the data location comply with all legal requirements?
Does the data processing comply with all legal requirements?
Do any contract terms or conditions conflict with the duties of the customer?
Is it clear what happens when the contract ends or in case of bankruptcy or conflict?
Is a good help desk available?
Does the supplier have experience in the following areas:
– Offering this particular service?
– Offering services in general?– Developing Services?
– The customer’s field?
– Developing, testing and supporting services?
Do the methods used by supplier align with those of the customer (if relevant)?
Is quality assurance performed?
Is the supplier ahead in its field?
Is the size of the supplier in accordance with the expectations of the customer?
Does the supplier have a good reputation (are there references)?
Is providing services the core business of the supplier?
Does the supplier have the capability for future expansion?
Do the supplier and the customer speak the same language?
Is transparency and flexibility of the supplier sufficient?

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