Leaders in software testing

Polteq at two conferences in the USA

Leaders in software testing

Polteq at two conferences in the USA

Polteq at two conferences in the USA
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25 april 2018
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On behalf of Polteq, Mobile test expert Lianne Klaver will be travelling to the USA to speak at two conferences







April 29 – May 4 Lianne will be attending STAREAST in Orlando, Florida

STAREAST is an annual international event at the East Coast of the USA. STAREAST (Software Testing Analysis & Review East) is the premier event for software testers and quality assurance professionals. It is one of the longest-running, and most respected conferences on software testing and quality assurance. The event week features over 100 learning and networking opportunities and covers a wide variety of some of the most in-demand topics.

During this conference Lianne will be giving the full-day introductory tutorial  “Fundamentals of Testing REST APIs”

This tutorial is already sold out!

Visit the website of STAREAST for more information.






June 3 – 8 Lianne has been invited for the Better Software West Conference 2018 in Las Vegas

During this conference she will be given the 2-day tutorial “Testing the REST APIs Behind a Mobile App”

  • Learn what REST APIs are
  • Discover why service and API testing is so critical
  • Learn how to test an API
  • Improve your API testing skills

This course focuses on answering the question: “How can I test an API behind any application”?
and provides insight into the risks that explain why service and API testing is so critical. Participants will fully cover a test cycle through public APIs and discuss the answer to these questions and more:

  • Which test strategy is the best?
  • Which test environment?
  • Which production environment?
  • Where does API testing stop and mobile app testing (for instance) begin?
  • Who provides an End to End test?

For this pre-conference workshop there are still a few spots available

Lianne works with a variety of clients, providing them with a device lab based on their customer statistics, advises them on their mobile test strategy and sets up API testing within mobile projects. Lianne is valued by many customers for her expertise. She is passionate about sharing knowledge. Coming from a background in sales and business relations, she uses her persuasive and didactic skills to train and coach other professionals on various topics. Lianne teaches “Mobile app testing in practice”, CMAP and API testing and is appreciated as trainer because of her enthusiasm and the open atmosphere during her training.


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