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Test Doubles: creating a Test Spy

Leaders in software testing

Test Doubles: creating a Test Spy

Test Doubles: creating a Test Spy
Test automation
David Baak 18 May 2017

Series of posts about Test Doubles by Polteq’s Testautomation Specialist David Baak

In a series of posts about Test Doubles technical test consultant David Baak looked at the manual and tool-aided creation of a dummy object and the use of the test stub. In this blog post he discusses the creation of a Test Spy. A Test Spy is a more capable version of a Test Stub. It can be used to verify the indirect outputs of the SUT by giving the test a way to inspect them after exercising the SUT.

Since David already covered the Test Stub, this post is about the verification of indirect outputs.

Read the whole article on the Polteq techblog.


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