Leaders in software testing

Ruud Teunissen EuroSTAR Programme Chair 2015

Leaders in software testing

Ruud Teunissen EuroSTAR Programme Chair 2015

Ruud Teunissen EuroSTAR Programme Chair 2015
1 December 2014

Ruud Teunissen, senior test consultant at Polteq, is the EuroSTAR Programme Chair for 2015.

EuroSTAR 2015 will take place 2-5 November in Maastricht, The Netherlands.

Ruud TeunissenRuud Teunissen, on the EuroSTAR website: “I gladly accept the challenge of being Programme Chair of the greatest European Conference on Software Testing Analysis and Review and making this a memorable one together with the EuroSTAR team.”

Choosing a conference theme was not as difficult as I expected it to be. Delegates enjoy inspirational talks from those that are truly involved in operational testing. They value a conference where good and bad experiences as well as lessons learned and almost forgotten, are shared. They want to take home tips, tricks and good practices. Last but not least, they want to share the passion for their craft and be inspired.

That’s why the theme for EuroSTAR 2015 is “Walking the Testing Talk“.

“Walking the Testing Talk” refers to those of you that were inspired by conferences, speakers, books, blogs etc. and decided to implement the ideas, models or approaches that caught your eye. How did you “sell” it to management and your team? What challenges did you face when you started implementing the ideas? How did you manage the transition from old to new? What imperfections did you encounter and how did you resolve them? How did you translate theory into practice? What would you do differently next time?

EuroSTAR 2015 also offers a platform for those in the testing community who are “leading by example”:

“Leading by example” implies taking ownership and responsibility, focusing on solutions instead of dwelling on problems. A team will follow a leader who has a clear vision, is honest, acknowledges failure and is willing to take calculated risks to achieve the common goal. By listening to the team and delegating liberally, a leader creates an atmosphere in which people can focus on their core strength and truly contribute to a balanced and successful team. Last but not least, leading by example means rolling up your sleeves, leading your team “into battle” and being actively involved get the best of of the team. In other words, leading by example includes walking your testing talk!

Our industry challenges us with a growing variety of systems and technologies of growing complexity to test. This includes Packages, Services, Web and Devices, Social Media, Localisation & Mobile, Service Oriented Architecture, Virtualization and Big Data, the Cloud and the Internet of Things. Next in line are Artificial Intelligence and the introduction of robotics in our society. We need effective test strategies to enable the success of the business we support. Quality in the broadest sense, including being “fit for purpose” is crucial.

In addition we need to understand and apply a broad pallet of approaches, models and principles. The “way we work” needs to cover amongst others Waterfall, the V-Model and/or W-Model, the Spiral Model, Iterative and/or Rapid Application Development, Agile/Scrum, Lean and/or Kanban, Test Driven, Acceptance Test Integration/Delivery, Model Based Testing, Exploratory Testing and/or Context Driven Testing, Rapid Software Testing / Test Management, TMap, ISEB, ISTQB and/or ISO. We need a flexible way to play our role efficiently. Partnership with the project and product team, ownership of testing and craftsmanship are required.

In this continuously changing context, our profession is becoming more and more people driven, testing has to be practical (hands on) and pragmatic (on target), and the approach change-proof and sustainable. This requires “Walking the Testing Talk”.

The “Call for Submissions” is now open. Please visite the website of EuroSTAR for more information.


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