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TI4LowBudget: Test Improvement measures for a low budget

To achieve test improvement with minimal investment, Polteq has developed Test Improvement 4 Low Budget (TI4LowBudget). This approach enables us swiftly, efficiently and fo a ‘low budget’ collect, select and prioritize the best improvement measures and turn them into actions.

What is TI4LowBudget?

The core of TI4LowBudget is an interactive workshop. To ensure commitment, we collect, select and prioritize the most suitable improvement measures together with you and your team. The next steps are important:

  • Define the goals
    Improve quality, reduce costs and/or shorten lead time of testing.
  • Invite the right people
    All involved parties are welcome, not just testers and test managers.
  • Gather ideas
    Any idea or suggestion is welcomed. Crucial advantage: commitment is guaranteed by since all parties are involved.
  • Set priorities
    When do improvement ideas take effect? And what is the impact? What are the costs (and benefits)? Last but not least, the easier it is to implement the measures the more successful it will be. Of course, we are looking for ‘silver bullets’: free measures that have immediate effect, high impact and are easy to implement.
  • Create an action list
    Each selected measure directly leads to actions on the list.

How can Polteq help?

Polteq has developed TI4LowBudget to quickly and efficiently create a set of pragmatic improvement measures. Senior Polteq consultants organize and moderate the workshop. During the elaboration of the results, our thorough knowledge of renowned test improvement models like TI4Automation, TI4Agile, TPI® Next and TMMi® as well as our extensive experience in numerous test improvement projects is used.

We have collected pragmatic test improvement suggestions for:

  • cost reduction;
  • shortening the time to market;
  •  improving the quality.

TI4LowBudget enables you to:

  • create support and commitment;
  • get the most out of your team;
  • select improvement measures swiftly at a low price;
  • improve your test process efficiently.

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