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Due to the advent of Cloud, Mobile Apps and the Internet of Things, the amount of data has increased enormously. This data provides lots of information and companies use the data for their Business Intelligence solutions in order to manage the company. Therefore they need to rely on the data at any time of the day. Business Intelligence Testing demonstrates the quality and integrity of the data and will predict the performance of the BI systems.

Understanding the quality of your BI is key for a successful strategy!

When major business decisions are made on the basis of wrong data, the impact on the company can be disastrous. It is therefore of the utmost importance that data quality is high, the origin of the data is known and that this data is interpreted in the right way.

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Business Intelligence testing

Testing is an important asset to understand the origin and quality of data. According to Polteq, Business Intelligence testing has the following areas:

  • Testing of ETL and audit trail. Functionality and performance of ETL (Extract / Transform / Load data) fl ows should be tested. The corresponding audit trail, which should control the ETL process must not be forgotten here.
  • Sourcedata analysis. To understand the data quality in terms of accuracy, completeness, traceability and usefulness of this data.
  • Data warehouse. The data warehouse should be tested on functionality, accuracy of data structures and performance. Testing of scalability also is an important activity.
  • Management reports. Testing the management reports focuses on accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the reports. Often this is done by the users of the reports.
  • Metadata. Checking of metadata is an often overlooked, yet very important part of the BI testing process. Metadata is data describing the BI data. Rightly interpreted data is very important to prevent making the wrong strategic decisions. Clear, un ambiguous and easily accessible metadata contributes to the acceptance and usability of the BI system.

In addition to BI, Big Data is emerging. Knowledge and experience with BI testing is useful in a Big Data context. BI and Big Data are often used together, where BI is based on structured data for reporting and analysis and Big Data mainly uses unstructured data for forecasting and trend analysis.

Training and coaching

Our BI test specialists not only test your BI systems, they guide and coach your professionals who get started with Business Intelligence.

They can help with, for example:

  • Developing a BI test strategy with achievable goals;
  • Testing of ETL, Data Warehouse and Reports;
  • Setting up automated tests of BI solutions;
  • Data analysis;
  • Regression testing / integration testing / E2E testing;
  • Performance testing;
  • Test coordination / test management.

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