Leaders in software testing

TMap Suite Test Engineer

Leaders in software testing

What can you expect:

This course (3 days) prepares for the TMap Suite Test Engineer examination.

Participants learn how testing should be prepared, specified and implemented, what techniques , infrastructure and tools can be used and how they can apply the activities in the testing process in different environments.

The combination of theory and practice ensures an optimal exam preparation.

TMap Suite Test Engineer

TMap® Suite Test Engineer certificate

The TMap1 Suite Test Engineer certificate is the result of a new approach to optimally support a tester working in various modern development methods. The TMap test methodology  has a long history for more then twenty years. TMap is a leading test standard. Worldwide, hundreds of organizations work according to this TMap approach.

This three-day course prepares participants for the TMap Test Suite Engineer exam. Therefore, the topics covered in the training TMap Suite Test Engineer as much as possible reflect the examination requirements.

Participants learn to prepare, specify and execute tests. They also learn what test specification techniques, infrastructure and resources can be used for this and how to apply these test activities in different environments.

Important subjects in the training are: the importance of testing, the building blocks of testing, the test phases in a test process and creating test cases using test specification techniques. Furthermore, practice exams are made and  discussed with the trainer. Apart from the theory, the course consists of a number of practical exercises  to experience the theory. The combination of theory and practical exercises provides an optimal preparation for the exam.

The training focuses on the TMap Suite Test Engineer Certificate, which is valuable for everyone working with the testing of information systems and other software products. in the first place professional test engineers, but also users, developers and administrators.


Participants of this course receive a hard copy of TMap NEXT® for result-driven testing and Neil’s quest for quality, a TMap HD story in ePub format.

1TMap NEXT® and TMap® Suite are registered trademarks of Sogeti.



The TMap Suite Test Engineer examination can be taken separately from the training course.


In order to pass the examination, self-study is also necessary.


The examination consists of 30 multi choice questions and takes 60 minutes.


The price for attending this course is €1,495 per person excluding the examination fee of €160 and VAT.

› This training is also available in Belgium. Click here.


TMap Suite Test Engineer
€1,495 excl. exam €160 and VAT

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“On behalf of the test team I would like to thank you both for a very professional and well presented training course. It was refreshing to talk to people 'in the business' and who obviously know their stuff. The course material was excellent and the topics covered just about right for the duration. Any expectations we did have were certainly exceeded. Also your flexibility and responsiveness were greatly appreciated”.

Winston Smith
Test Unit Coordinator - Hewlett Packard OpenView Amsterdam

Course dates

TMap Suite Test Engineer (NL)
Course days
19 Feb, 21 Feb, 26 Feb
Examination day
27 Feb 2019
TMap Suite Test Engineer (NL)
Course days
9 May, 10 May, 15 May
Examination day
17 May 2019

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