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Mobile app testing

Leaders in software testing

Mobile app testing

A mobile app operates in a complex, dynamic and diverse environment. Key to success of a mobile app: within the first 30 seconds the user must understand the app, be convinced to keep it installed and it has to make such an impression that the user wants to continue using the app. Testing can measure whether and to what extent the application meets that expectation.

The world of mobile apps is bigger than just the software which is installed on a smartphone or tablet. Polteq mobile app testing services also cover the interaction with the backend system, the API that provides the data or content to the app, the variety of devices on the market, the type of users that use the app, and the feedback from the production environment.

Polteq provides a variety of mobile app testing services. Each service enables you to better understand the quality of your mobile app:

Device market analysis, the Polteq Mobile Test Box and the mobile app quick scan

It is crucial that mobile applications are tested on a set of devices that are representative for your customers and end users. The (mobile) devices offered on the market change rapidly and at least every quarter there is an update by known manufacturers like Samsung, Apple and HTC, including new versions of iOS or Android OS.

Polteq has developed a device market analysis service to quickly gain insight into which devices, browsers and operating systems are accessing your mobile website or using your app. The analysis model for this has been developed by Polteq.

The Polteq Mobile Test BoxThe Polteq Mobile Test Box is a ‘test lab’ in a wheeled suitcase. It carries all the necessary components and equipment to test apps and websites on (mobile) devices. Our Test Box contains a deployable set of devices based on what is commonly used by customers and end users. In short, a “turnkey” test environment!

The content of the Polteq Test Box is flexible. It will be supplemented and changed to meet your specific needs.

To determine the current quality of your mobile app, our experts can perform a quick scan that quickly indicates what the main improvement areas of the app are. The quick scan outcome is shared and discussed with your team in a presentation and a demonstration.

Mobile app test experts, test engineering and consultancy

Developing a high quality mobile app is a specialty. Polteq has experienced mobile test experts to participate in this process. Our test experts can support you with

  • Usability test sessions
  • Security audits
  • Mobile app test automation
  • Mobile app performance testing

Polteq mobile app testing experts can support you at different levels: from preparing and running test cases, moderating a Product Risk Analysis (PRA) session to developing a pragmatic improvement plan for your mobile app test process, based on the Polteq TI4Mobile model.

Mobile app test training

In the short release cycles of a mobile app, a tester has to make many choices to quickly determine how to test the mobile app. But how do you test a mobile app? What are so-called perspectives and how can you use them? What steps are part of a mobile app test cycle? And what are typical (product) risks in a mobile app? Polteq offers several mobile app test training classes and workshops to answer these questions. The two day iSQI course “CMAP Mobile App Testing” is a foundation level training. Additionally, Polteq offers a hands-on training course “Mobile app testing in practice”. Polteq also provides training that covers test automation for mobile apps, monitoring performance and conducting a security audit.

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