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Cloud Testing Services

Leaders in software testing

Cloud Testing Services

The number of available cloud services is growing. Every organization uses one or more services in the cloud. This is not without risk, so you need measures to cover these risks. Polteq created an approach for cloud testing services.

The job of a tester has become broader. At the moment it is common to test during implementation, but when we use cloud services we also need to be involved in risk mitigation during selection and even in production.  Important aspects of cloud testing services are:

  • testing starts earlier;
  • testing has more technical aspects;
  • non-functionals are more important;
  • end-to-end testing is always needed;
  • testing in production in mandatory.

Polteq made a comprehensive list of risks and test measures involving cloud computing. Therefore we can help you with testing your service implementation.


Polteq can assist you with consultancy and management by using their practical approach on cloud testing services. We use it as a basis to create a tailor-made approach fit for your company. We can support you by selection of services and their suppliers. Using services and dealing with their suppliers has large similarity with outsourcing, a subject very well known by Polteq.

Test management in the cloud

The test manager role broadens when the IT-solution includes cloud components. Test management needs to be involved during selection of the service. The Polteq approach – know by all our professionals – extensively describes test management in the cloud.

Test engineering

The test measures in the approach consist of many practical appliances known by our professionals. When you need a test engineer to help with testing during implementing or creating a service, Polteq will help you.

The book

For more information on our approach and on how to order the book, click on the cover below.

Testing Cloud Services

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