Leaders in software testing

About Polteq

Leaders in software testing

About Polteq

Polteq is the largest independent specialist in software testing in the Netherlands and Belgium and market leader in providing test training.

The right test service at the right time

Our passion is providing the right test service at the right time, ensuring the highest added value for our clients. We operate as an independent party and always select the best solution for our customer.

We support customers with:

  • providing highly skilled test professionals, at any level and in any context (Agile, V-model, Context Driven, Exploratory, etc.);
  • technical test implementation, among other test automation, performance, security and mobile testing;
  • test process implementation and optimization;
  • test outsourcing implementation and management;
  • independent consultancy on all aspects of testing (organization wide, staffing, functional, tools, etc.);
  • a large variety of test training courses (ISTQB, TMap, iSQI, CAT, IREB and CMAP certification, but also practical and customized courses).

Our values

We often get the question what are our values, what makes Polteq stand out. The answer is very simple. Our company leans on eight main values. Each of these values is probably easily found in many other companies, but in Polteq we managed to put all eight together. This is what makes Polteq so unique to our customers as well as a great company to work for.


We strongly focus on software testing in the broadest sense of the word, this is what we specialize in. We understand that software is a fast and constantly changing playing-field, and with it the profession of a software tester. Every day deeper and more extended technical knowledge is required. Thanks to our open minded attitude towards changes and our strive for innovation we remain in the leading position for software testing.


We are a team of highly skilled professionals who understand what software testing means and know that nowadays it goes well beyond “just” testing. In our people we treasure rationality, passion and dedication. These are the qualities that help us provide the proper (highest) level of service to our customers.

Knowledge sharing

Sharing knowledge is one of our top priorities. We consider it our goal to increase the level of knowledge in the market. We do this by supporting innovative ideas and initiatives in our company and also by providing professional subject-specific trainings. On top of this we contribute to a higher knowledge level in the market with our various presentations and articles.

Personal touch

We appreciate the value of personal contact and an informal environment. Any collaboration will bring higher results when people get to know each other better. And this is exactly the way we manage to create a long-term working relationship with our customers and also employees which is both enjoyable and successful.

Local Presence

Our offices are located throughout the entire country which enables us to know and understand the regional market and move fast and efficiently, not to mention, we are literally close to our customers. Local presence is also important for our people who appreciate the possibility to work close to home. This way we make it beneficial for the environment as well as for the well-being of our professionals. We feel at home in our region, with our customers and colleagues.


We consider sincerity and reliability our basic default values, the foundation for an open environment where our people feel safe and secure. It also covers the basics of our cooperation with customers enabling us to provide independent, made-to-measure service.


At Polteq we enjoy sharing the passion for our profession and its challenges, we love seeing our people grow and develop. We also love doing social activities together. A positive working environment is based on collaboration whilst having fun, people are encouraged to perform optimally.


We always go one step further, answering the questions you didn’t even ask. We don’t give up and do everything possible to find the right solution using the knowledge and experience of all our professionals when needed. This is what we do at Polteq.


Martin Pol

Martin Pol is the founder of structured testing in The Netherlands. He is co-author of several publications regarding structured testing and test process improvement. Since 1983 Martin Pol has dedicated his work to Testing.
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Polteq is ISO 9001:2015 gecertificeerd

Polteq is ISO 9001:2015 gecertificeerd

Polteq (NL)Printerweg 523821 AD AmersfoortHollandT +31 33 277 35 22E info@polteq.com
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