Leaders in software testing


Leaders in software testing

Directions to Polteq Amersfoort

Please click on the Polteq logo in the map below for directions to our headoffice in Amersfoort. Under the map you will find information about our accessibility and how to get there by public transport.

Public transport
NS railwaystation Amersfoort-Schothorst (10 minutes walking).
From the front of the station (looking out at the parkingarea called “Inputplein”), head for the street called “Computerweg”. Stay on the left side of the street. Take the second street on your left (“Hoefseweg”). This is a cycling path and a footh path. Next take the second street on the right (“Printerweg”). Immediately on your left you should see the Gemini B office building.
Polteq is located inside on the 3rd floor.

For the exact departure and arrival schedules consult “Openbaar Vervoer Reizen” 0900 9292 or www.9292ov.nl


Printerweg 52
3821 AD Amersfoort Holland
Tel: +31 33 277 35 22
E-mail: info@polteq.com

Polteq (NL)Printerweg 523821 AD AmersfoortHollandT +31 33 277 35 22E info@polteq.com
Polteq (BE)Interleuvenlaan 623001 Heverlee (Leuven)BelgiumT +32 16 39 48 04E infobe@polteq.com